365mono Day 36 – Simple Things

Day 36 – Simple Things. No gadgets, no electronic devices and no expensive toys.

1 large lump of chalk, a plastic chisel and a hammer = 2 hours of fun.

Maybe we should all think about spending time doing simple things with our kids, instead of handing them an iPad or a phone to play with just so we can sit and look at who’s posting what on social media.

We’ll be concentrating more on the simple things in our house from now on.

Go on, give it a try!


365mono Day 35 – Emojis

Day 35 – Emojis. They’re everywhere. Invented in 1998 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita, every social media platform, chat client and messaging app has them. We send six billion of these things around the world everyday, with the heart emoji rated as the most used emoji in the world, closely followed by the emoji featured foremost in this image. Worryingly, the most used emoji in the UK, US and Canada is the crying face (what does that say about us).

The Japanese, French, Italians and South Koreans are the most loved up nations with the heart as their favourite emoji and the South American nations favour praying hands and musical emojis. Since emojis were introduced the use of internet slang (lol, pmsl, rofl etc) has decreased and research has shown that when we read a message that contains emojis, our brains process them as emotional communication, not as words.

I know, I have way too much free time on my hands LOL (sorry, no emojis here).