365mono Day 5 – Rose

Day 5 – Rose. I’ve never photographed flowers before and I don’t know much about roses, except that they look incredible in black and white. It’s only when you strip the colour away that you start to notice the amazing detail in a rose. The colour is almost a distraction.

You could probably look at people the same way. Strip away all the exterior distractions and you start to see the real detail of the person.



365mono Day 4 – Favourite Places (1)

Day 4 – Favourite Places (1). Another subject that I expect to post an image for more than once. Everyone has favourite places. From a favourite restaurant, to your favourite clothes shop,  to your favourite holiday destination they all have different meanings for different people.

However, only a few are reserved for that favourite place box labelled ‘treasured’. Those places that feel like home. Where you feel that you matter. Middletown is one of those places. Great coffee, great food and staff that smile and say hello not just because you’ve walked in the door, but because they are genuinely glad to see you. If you’re ever in Ballymena, look it up. You won’t be disappointed.


365mono Day 3 – Food (1)

Day 3 – Food (1). I anticipate posting more than one food image over the next 362 days because I love food. Just ask my belly. As much as I like eating food, I get so much more out of preparing food for others. Being able to set a cooked meal down for someone and see them smile as they eat is what makes me strive to learn new recipes and perfect the ones I already know.

But sometimes we take food for granted and forget that in some parts of the world there are people who don’t have the luxury of eating every day. And that’s something we should always be grateful for.365mono_003

365mono Day 2 – Faith

Day 2 – Faith.

After some research I discovered that this bible is about 100 years old and was standard issue for soldiers and public servants during World War I. It has that familiar old book smell about it that you can’t replicate and feels old and well used.  I’m not sure what it’s history is within my family but I hope it brought the same comfort to whoever carried it as it does to me.


365mono Day 1 – Music

Day 1 – Music. Music is a big part of my life so I thought I’d start off with a musical image (yes, I know the first image is a split tone, but it seemed to work better than pure black and white). I grew up in a house where I was exposed to a vast array of music genres. Blues, jazz, rock ‘n ‘roll, country, Motown, classical, punk, ska, heavy metal, pop and instrumental to name but a few, all had an influential effect on what I listen to and play now.

The image is of a Taylor GS Mini and my old Wittner metronome (I’m a sucker for anything that isn’t digital).



With my recent move from Nikon to Fuji I thought I should challenge myself to a 365 photo blog with the new gear(something I have never tried before). I’m not a blogger so I’ll try my best not to sound too mechanical and dry with the posts (I’m guessing that this will improve over time).

I love the black and white images that come out of the Fuji X-Series cameras so I’ve decided to do the whole challenge in monochrome (although I might sneak in the odd split tone occasionally).

The images will also be available to buy as prints to raise money for Cancer Research. Details about this are available on the ‘About The Images’ page.

Hope you enjoy the blog.